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High Lumens Solar LED Street Light 60W

60W 80W integrated All in one solar led street light ( can be also called AIO solar led pole light) is  the combination of latest LED technology and and lithium battery as well as solar panel. It can be easily to be mounted on wall or on pole directly. with sensor function, it can work in energy saving  modes and 100% power for 2 mins when people comes.  It is an ideal answer to be used for garden lighting, farm lighting, or small path lighting. it uses LifePO4 battery which can work for 8~10 years. 

Model:AIO-60W / AIO-80W
Rated Power 60W 80W
Luminous Flux(lm)
Dimension 1270*420*140mm 1210*550*140mm
Solar Panel 80W 100W
LifePO4 Battery 12.8V 50AH 12.8V 60AH
Motion Sensor Yes Yes

All in one solar street light is very suitable to the the projects which does not require long time or continues high brightness. It is more suitable to the regions where there is strong and long time sunshine all the year around.  This light is not suitable to be used in such countries or regions like Britain, Canada, North of Europe, etc. Also please make sure that the angle of solar panel of this all in one street light should be face to sun as possible as it can be. Otherwise, the efficiency of solar panel will be affected a lot which will cause the problem that  lighting time is much shorted. Even there will be only  one night with solar lighting but 2 nights without lighting.  If sunshine is very efficient and no need high brightness, AIO solar street light is your best choice.


- Simple and beautiful, convenient to installed with an integrated design. 

- High efficiency, Easy installation.

- Enviornmental Friendly, Solar supply directly, Zero emissions.

- Energy saving, Light Brightness for Longer period.

- Surface is Anti-corrosion treated, Salt fog upto 400 hours, Rust Proof.

If you are looking for a powerful solar street lights that can work without dimming and high brightness for whole night, Auroras's HELIOS or THOR will be your best choice. 


Model LED Power Luminous Flux(lm)
LED Brand LifePO4 Battery Solar Panel Sensor Type Autonomy Warranty
AIO-15W 15W >1,800lm Philips SMD3030 12.8V 10AH 18V 20W Microwave Sensor 2~4 Days 3 Years
20W >2,600lm
Philips SMD3030
12.8V 15AH 18V 35W Microwave Sensor
2~4 Days
3 Years
30W >4,200lm
Philips SMD3030
12.8V 20AH
18V 50W
Microwave Sensor
2~4 Days
3 Years
40W >5,200lm
Philips SMD3030
12.8V 30AH
18V 60W
Microwave Sensor
2~4 Days
3 Years
60W >7,800lm
Philips SMD3030
12.8V 45AH
18V 80W
Microwave Sensor
2~4 Days
3 Years
80W >9,600lm
Philips SMD3030
12.8V 60AH
18V 100W
Microwave Sensor
2~4 Days
3 Years

What is Microwave Sensor?

Microwave (Radar) sensor is adopted in this light in order 
to save more energy. Energy saving mode is adjustable bythe remote control easily. Radar sensor is more sensitivethan PIR sensor in much wider angle and longer distance , And it can be triggered easily with slight movements. The best sensitive distance from people / object to light sensor should be within 12 meters. 

PIR sensor is optional




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